Bludso's Barbeque Sauce & Rub Gift Set - 4 Pack

  • $38.00

The legend of Bludso's BBQ begins in Corsicana, Texas, where the Bludso family has been perfecting the craft of slow-smoked meats for five generations.

This craftsmanship & distinct flavor began with Kevin's Granny, Willie May Fields & continued to develop through secret family recipes, eventually making its way to southern California.

Now, Kevin & the Bludso family are happy to bring the authentic taste of Texas straight to your home, with his own Bludso's Barbeque Sauces & Rubs. 


Gift Pack Includes:

1 x Bludso's Hot BBQ Sauce (16oz)

1 x Bludso's Mild BBQ Sauce (16oz)

1 x Bludso's Brisket Rub (8oz)

1 x Bludso's Pork Rub (8oz)

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